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about me  United Kingdom flag

I started playing with the camera back in secondary school many many years ago. I grew to appreciate colors, light and creative motion. I create a memorable experience with people who I photograph. I know this because I ask for feedback. As the demand grew I learnt a lot about photography through online courses, magazines, exhibitions, competitions and continuos practice to mention a few. Most important about me is I love photographing beautiful images. Do you like to look beautiful?

I am inspired by (and have met) the likes of Jide Alakija, Atunbi, Temidayo, etc. I have received support from many good photographers like Adebayo Deru, Obi Charles Nwokedi, Kevin Obosi, Dotun Ayodeji, Tunji Sarumi, Pa Osin, Omo Jesu of S67 photography, , Bob Pixel Photography, Pixels by SAVO, www.Creativelive.com; Duncan Kerridge, Susan Striplin, Jasmine Star, Michelle Moore, Jerry Ghionis, Dave Nunn, Damien & Julie Lovegrove, etc, who have shared their professional work in the business or organised workshops that I have attended and it has only increased my passion for more creative and beautiful photography.

Shutterchance has been a BIG help for consultation and creative ideas.

I love creative work. I love light and I love photography. It's my passion.

Photography is a joyful & beautiful experience with ayo-ishutter.


Sony a350 & Sony A77

Pixel King wireless Flash Trigger

HVL F52AM wireless flash gun

Nissin Digital Mark II Di866 Flashgun

Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

Tamron 17-50mm F2.8

Sony 28mm f2.8,

Sony 50mm f1.4

Tamron 90mm F2.8

Sony 135mm F1.8Z

Sony SAL 70200 f2.8 (Coming soon)

Sony A99 Full frame DSLT (coming soon)

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